Urban Living

Urban Living

Urban living is growing. Homeowners are heading back into the city and taking on smaller properties like condos to be close to work, close to activity and managing a smaller footprint. Living in an urban setting has some different characteristics than living in the suburbs. However some principles of living in both areas are the same.


With a smaller footprint on average living in an urban setting, decorating these areas takes on a more specific approach. Understanding the specifics of your space and learning to live with what you need will help prevent from cluttering the space. Additionally, storage can sometimes become challenging and learning to develop new and maybe non traditional areas for storage. Good storage solutions can help keep your home running with the tools you need. Try using under the bed as a storage area or even behind a sofa if you have some space between a wall and the sofa.

Multi Purpose Decor

Try using decor items as functional pieces like a vase with an arrangement of kitchen utensils. Or a small table that can actually support weight and becoming a stool around a table for conversing with friends. Using wooden cutting boards on a long wall can give an almost earthy or rustic approach to design. But also be used for practical purposes. If you are a biker or skateboarder trying hanging either of these items on a wall every time you come home. These would definitely be a conversation piece and provide easy transportation.


A smaller footprint also gives the idea of less maintenance and learning to maintain a smaller space can reduce the types of maintenance activities. You have and even speed up your cleaning responsibilities.

However, being able to track your maintenance and the items you own becomes just as important as living in the suburbs. Taking care of your property and understanding the details of your possessions will help you manage your belongings. As unexpected situation can arise. But also help you prioritize your finances associated with your maintenance schedule. And your time to get all your tasks completed.