Time to Take a Home Inventory

Take a Home InventoryWith recent events of late like mudslides, tornadoes in unexpected areas, heavy rains, house fires and more, it is a great time to take a home inventory. One easy step is using a video camera to take a quick review of everything in your home. And storing this video in safe online site where you can access the file is also important. Store this online because you could lose your phone. This is important should anything happen to your home. It is important to take a more detailed account of your home. Take videos or photos of your overall home and all your possessions within the home. Tracking Details

Tracking receipts, adding make and model numbers of equipment is your next step. Once you have completed this, take photos of your rooms and pieces from multiple angles. Adding additional notes on your items can help remind you of the items themselves. If you happen to have the value of items, add the dollar values of your items. And finally, take dimensions of your items. You can also help in document more specifics about your items should you need to replace them. Adding this information to a safe online site can also help locate information when your home has damage or is no longer standing.