Maintenance Tip: Sharpen and Clean Garbage Disposal

Sharpen and Clean Garbage Disposal

After heavy use of your garbage disposal, the blades inside the unit often times get dull. In addition, unpleasant odor may also come from your garbage disposal. It is important to clean your garbage disposal periodically. Sharpen and clean garbage disposal for a better functioning garbage disposal. 

How to sharpen and clean your garbage disposal

Take a few cups of ice and either rock salt or vinegar and pour as much as you can into the garbage disposal. Once you have added the ice or rock salt, run the disposal. As a result, the ice will help sharpen the blades in the disposal. In addition, the rock salt or vinegar also becomes an abrasive cleaning agent. This cleaning solution of rock salt will clean he inside of the garbage disposal.

After you are done with this step, cut up a lemon, lime, or orange peel. Add the peel to the garbage disposal along with some warm water. Once again, run the disposal. This will help eliminate any odors. After this, fill up the sink with a few inches of water. And then let it flush the disposal and the sink trap drain below.

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