HomeZada Fall Maintenance Tip: Vacuum vents

HomeZada Home Maintenance Vacuum Vents

How do you know your air system is actually healthy and clean?  I bet you never thought to vacuum vents in your home. But your HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system delivers conditioned air to each of your various rooms through filters. These vents can be in the floors, in your side walls, or even in your ceilings depending on your house layout. When vents are on the floor, they are still collecting dust and any other particulars family members might drop down them. The focus with this HomeZada maintenance task is to keep your home healthy. Start by removing the vent grille’s and vacuum both the vent grille and a little inside the duct to get rid of more dirt and dust that can accumulate in these vents. Go easy and vacuum vents and make sure you don’t damage the inside of the duct.

How to clean your air vents

Using your vacuum cleaner attachments, vacuum vent grills and inside the vent or duct area. After you have vacuumed the grills, give each grill a quick wipe down with mild soap and water. Then dry the grills off which will also help in the process of making sure the area is clean and stays clean. Once you have vacuumed the vents, gently use the vacuum attachments and reach inside the duct area to vacuum away the dust and dirt.

If you find you have more dust and grime than you originally thought, using your digital camera or phone, take a photo of the area and show it to a professional. Having a professional cleaning company clean your entire duct work involves some longer equipment than most homeowners have on hand. Here is a quick video on how to vacuum your vents from Air Serv.

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