Remember Pet Fire Safety is Important Too

Did you know that a glass water bowl and the sun’s rays can actually start a fire on a wooden deck? Or that your pet could accidentally knock over a candle with a simple wag of a tail? Maybe your cat is curious enough to create a little trouble by shifting a wash towel near enough to a stove to start a fire?

Prepare Your Home

Preparing your home to avoid fires when you have pets at home is like having child safety precautions. Like children, we walk around our homes and add the necessary precautions to protect them. The same goes for our pets. Pet fire safety is often overlooked because people do not know what can actually cause a fire. As we know fires can hurt our beloved pets and our homes.

As if you were safety proofing your home for babies, it is good to practice good pet fire safety. In order to do this, start walking around your home to determine what may cause a fire. Once you have identified the potential risks, now it is time to start addressing  any issues.

Simple Prep Tips

Some cats are so intelligent that they can actually turn knobs, so be sure to make sure stoves are off limits to your cats. Making sure your stove knobs are locked into place so that your furry friend does not accidentally create a kitchen fire is also important. Keeping candles protected and away from pets reach or wagging tails is important to avoiding any potential risk of fire in your home. Keep dish towels around a sink and not near a stove. Regularly check your wires and plugs around your home. Any furry friend may find that chewing on cords is fun, but exposed wire can cause fires in the home.

Prep Kits

Keep fire extinguishers in the home in case you do get the unexpected situation of a fire. Pets also can benefit from a first aid kit that you may use on humans. Be sure to make sure you add medications that are pet safe to your first aid kit. Learn more about tips on protecting your home and your pets from fire in this infographic. You can also buy pet safety kits in case of a fire in your home. It is better to be prepared to protect all your loved ones, even your furry, feathered or scaled friends.

Pet Fire Safety