And How Did The Name Come To Be? HomeZada

HomeZada LogoOne of the top questions we at HomeZada get regularly is … and how did the name of HomeZada come to be? Now you too can know the story.

When creating this wonderful, long waited for solution, our team (John, Beth and David) needed to name our new addition. It was hard with all the .com urls taken and very few to choose from. It was challenging, what would resonate with people? What would grab their attention? What would matter? And what was a short enough name that could be typed into a browser easily? All of these questions came to mind regularly. As well as, we will need to live with this name forever. Naming our new company felt like naming a child that had to grow into their name. 

So we started playing around with the word home because a home means a lot of things to different people. A home is shelter. A home is family. A home is entertainment. A home is safety. A home is where memories are made and families grow. A home requires care and love. A home takes on the personality of the people living in it. A home can be modified and updated. A home is where life happens.

Then we realized what is that our solution does for people trying to manage their home. We help them become more organized, more productive, and more efficient. We help manage the overall value of the home asset. We help keep families safe inside the home. We help provide visibility to what a home has within its walls and the surrounding areas. We help provide financial guidelines and awareness about the effort it takes to manage the home.  We help people manage and organize the data about the home.

We narrowed in on using the word home in our name, but still struggled with where to go from there. Because and were descriptive, but not something that we wanted to go down in history with as the name of our new company. So we started pursuing similar words in other languages because, after all our code name for HomeZada as we started this project was Kucha, Croatian for house. We started narrowing down our words and realized that if we took partial letters of words from others and adding it to the word home, we could create a beautiful name.

We started by using the Spanish version of organizing … organizada. Once we realized that Zada was the key to our name, we wanted to make sure that this name did not offend anyone in any other foreign land. For we understood early on that HomeZada would be an international solution, as it is today. Once we discovered that Zada meant good fortune, prosperous, skilled and blessed in Arabic, Indian and Syrian, we knew that this name was meant to be.

So there you have it, the story of how HomeZada got its name!