Decorating Tips that Bring Superheros to your Home

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Aqua Man and so many more superheros. Where would we be without them?  We would might forget about the impossible and the unbelievable. We might forget about the strange and uniqueness of these characters. We might forget about their hidden skills and how often enough they save Gotham or the world. Superheros have been a fascination of our culture for a long time. We make movies about them, we where costumes that depict them, we develop code names that reflect them and we display their look at our offices and on our cars. If you love superheros, why not decorate your home to reflect your love of them. Take a look at some of these great ideas on incorporating superheros in your home. Read More

The Importance of Home Maintenance

couple working on a wall outsideLet’s face it, doing the little home maintenance tasks around the home are not on top of most people’s fun things to do on the weekend.  But with your home being your largest asset, it is important for a number of reasons to stay up to date on these tasks.

Most people forget about these maintenance tasks which can cause bigger problems down the road.  Other people don’t even realize all the things that should be done given the number of building materials, appliances, fixtures and equipment that need to be maintained.

It is a good idea to create a schedule for your home and property that includes all the seasonal home maintenance checklists that need to get done.  Here is a list of four reasons to take the time to create a maintenance calendar. Read More

Elvis is in the House

elvis 10We were surprised to hear that it is Elvis Week. For all the Elvis fans out there, we have some looks that might inspire your home decorating. Whether you like young Elvis or older Elvis, whether Graceland is your theme or Elvis’s movies stand out. Whether you are fan of Blue Hawaii or Jailhouse Rock, Love Me Tender or GI Blues, there is sure to be a specific theme that inspires you. You may feature your favorite piece on your walls, in books on your tables, frame albums that you no longer use on a turn table, and use other items that might inspire you to showcase this man that accomplished a lot in his short life.

Read More

Upcycling Projects Infographic

Upcycling projects is often an overlooked option or project for home decorating ideas. Reusing items to create great pieces of home decor can go a long way to creating a unique home and saving on your budget. The first step is look around your home to review what you do not want to use in its true form and get creative to create some new decorating ideas. Using unusual items to create something new requires dipping into your creative juices. No creative juices you say, no worries. Research fun projects or bring in your creative friends to help you thing outside the box and brainstorm some great ideas. Try putting all the “I do not want anymore” items on a table, find extra items around your home … add them to the table and see if you can make something new and fun. Upcycling is all about looking at something with a new perspective. This infographic can also help give you some ideas of some upcycling projects for unique home decor.  Read More

Dirtiest Places in Your House … Time to Get Cleaning

CleanSo often we forget to clean some of the simplest, but the dirtiest places in the home. Germs, grime and dirt can be found in a lot of inconspicuous areas of the home. Without proper cleaning, these germs can lead to illness of family members or transferring the dirt from one area and to another area. Let’s look at some of the dirty areas in your home and how best to get them clean.

Light switches

That is right! Many people forget to wipe down light switches because they under estimate the use of the switches. However, people coming and going, turning on and off lights and with what kinds of hands could lead to who knows what kind of dirt. Not to mention, dirty hands lead ugly light switches on nice beautiful walls. Read More