101 Ways to Use HomeZada

Use HomeZada to:

  1. Know what you own. Track the assets in your home.
  2. Keep your home related documents in one place.
  3. Keep copies of your passport in a secure location when traveling.
  4. Know what you are spending annually on home maintenance tasks.
  5. Track your favorite vendors and contractors for your home.
  6. Track the details of multiple homes in one online system.
  7. Get reminders of home maintenance tasks.
  8. Manage all those home repair projects.
  9. Track all your item choices when creating home remodel projects.
  10. Manage your home’s overall expenses.
  11. Plan for the next year. Do you know how much you spend annually on home maintenance?
  12. Stay organized.
  13. Keep the whole family organized.
  14. Access your household data from anywhere.
  15. Efficiently find data about your home … in the palm of your hand.
  16. Keep your data protected and available when you need it.
  17. Start off with the basic home maintenance calendar and add as you go.
  18. Use HomeZada’s 40 project templates to get you started on home remodel projects.
  19. Take advantage of HomeZada’s 150 home maintenance recommendations.
  20. Manage both DIY and contractor lead projects.
  21. Track your product receipts.
  22. Know your warranty periods.
  23. Store your owner’s manuals.
  24. Track your insurance policies.
  25. Store your mortgage and appraisal documents.
  26. Know what your home is worth today and in 36 months.
  27. Know how much you have left on your mortgage.
  28. Be aware what your annual expenses are to manage your home.
  29. Store unlimited photos of your home in HomeZada.
  30. Store unlimited documents in one central location.
  31. Track all your project costs.
  32. Track all your project tasks.
  33. Store your wish list items for projects in one central location. Get ready for your projects.
  34. Say goodbye to paper.
  35. Track recurring maintenance tasks.
  36. Track one-time maintenance tasks.
  37. Manage your personal activities like your dog’s next trimming appointments
  38. Track your family’s birthdays.
  39. Know what the equity is your home today.
  40. Store videos of your home and contents in each room.
  41. Detail the contents in sheds, garages, barns and external storage units.
  42. Document your collectibles and valuables.
  43. Know where your valuables are in your home.
  44. Track family memories like children’s artwork.
  45. Know what you spent on your home last year.
  46. Know what you spent on your home the year before last year.
  47. Estimate what you will spend on your home next year.  
  48. Plan and budget projects over multiple years.
  49. Market your home for sale like no other with unlimited photos and details.
  50. Manage the contents of your home when you move.
  51. Get a report of properties for sale to make the best decisions.
  52. Store house plans.
  53. Identify who you want your contents to go when you pass on.
  54. Print a PDF of your home inventory and show it to your insurance provider.
  55. Share a PDF of your estate home inventory with your estate attorney.
  56. Export and import the contents of your home.
  57. Engage buyers with a complete view of your property … the more photos the better.
  58. Invite your family members to share in managing your home.
  59. Track completed home projects for tax purposes.
  60. Know manufacturer’s links to warranties, owner’s manuals and more.
  61. Store HOA (homeowners association) documents and contact details.
  62. Take multiple photos of each room and on each angle to really showcase your home.
  63. Know what to budget each year for home maintenance.
  64. Budget your projects before your get started.
  65. Take advantage of high, medium and low budget suggestions.
  66. Manage multiple projects at once.
  67. Keep project records for future needs.
  68. Use HomeZada the widget to drag and drop item choice details for your projects.
  69. Track small and large projects.
  70. Track repair and fix it projects.
  71. Manage design projects
  72. Track outdoor landscaping projects … even your new tree house.
  73. Once you have completed your projects, automatically update your home inventory.
  74. Get emails and newsfeed reminders to know when you need to take care of your tasks.
  75. Track permits.
  76. Track contractor insurance details.
  77. Review HomeZada’s how to videos to know if you can tackle this task on your own.
  78. Avoid fires, floods and bad air with maintenance reminders.
  79. Reduce your costs with regular home maintenance.
  80. Get started with a template home inventory … do not start from scratch if you do not have to.
  81. Use video and image recognition to easily take a home inventory.
  82. Get proper insurance coverage with an up to date home inventory.
  83. Use any device any time to access the details of your home.
  84. Use your home inventory to create a moving list.
  85. Know when your insurance increases with documents in the system.
  86. Know if you are fully covered today.
  87. Invite your maintenance and remodeling professionals to manage the home.
  88. Manage your elderly parents’ properties for their safety.
  89. Manage your vacation properties remotely.
  90. Know what’s going on in your rental properties.
  91. Manage your kids’ chores.
  92. Create a honey do list.
  93. Manage seasonal projects and maintenance.
  94. Know your vendors and project costs so that when your friends’ call, you can get the information quickly and easily.
  95. Save trees … go digital.
  96. Make space for more shoes … no more paper in your home.
  97. Put your end of life documents in your space labeled online safety deposit box.
  98. Track your account numbers for all your utilities, mortgage, insurance and more.
  99. Get current content and information from HomeZada when you need it at your fingertips.
  100. Get notices that keep you up to date on your home inventory.
  101. Integrate your HomeZada calendar with other calendars.

Here are a few extra if you are curious.

  1. Track life insurance policies.
  2. Track car warranties and details.
  3. Move items around from room to room to house to house in your home inventory.
  4. Make touchups easy by tracking paint colors.
  5. Know your room sizes.
  6. Know exactly what your air filter sizes.
  7. Manage countertop and flooring details in case you need to repair or replace them.
  8. Track jewelry and artwork appraisals.
  9. Track your most valued items like your favorite sports memorabilia.
  10. Know how to take a complete and accurate home inventory.
  11. Use your mobile phone to track photos of items when out and about for projects.
  12. Know when you last repainted your house.
  13. Know when you last changed your air filter.
  14. Be aware of what your property taxes are and when to pay them.
  15. Know your dwelling coverage.
  16. Be prepared for a claim if you have one.
  17. Showcase your house in the best light.
  18. Give the homebuyer a HomeZada File to get them ready to take care of this new home.
  19. Reduce Stress … so you can focus on managing the other parts of life!

There is no more remembering. Let HomeZada work for you and start caring for your home in an easy and efficient way.