7 DIY Home Improvement Projects That are Easier Than You Think

Whether you’re tired of your outdated bathroom or want to repaint your front door, there are ways to upgrade your home without taking a hammer to a wall. DIY-ing is easier than you think, and to prove it we found seven ways you can spruce up your home if you’re strapped for time or on a budget

1. Paint kitchen cabinets

Revive your kitchen by changing the color of your cabinets. If your cabinets are outdated, chipped, or a different color than the rest of your kitchen, painting them can modernize them, freshen up the whole room, and even boost the value of your home.

If you want to get more elaborate, painting borders and trimming will add even more of an effect. And if you hate your cabinets, remove them! Removing a few cabinet doors here and there can open up your kitchen and complement your china (as long as the inside of your cabinets is tidy and clean, of course). This is great DIY project.

2. Add frames to mirrors 

Mirrors reflect light, which helps open and brighten up rooms. They can work to accent your style and decor. But old and outdated mirrors can cheapen the look of your home too. 

Replace your existing mirrors with newer or even bigger mirrors. Or, if you can’t replace your current mirror, adding a frame or border to can make them look newer and bigger. As a general rule of thumb, softer, more neutral frames open up and expand mirrors in subtle ways, while darker borders add a more prominent accent to your mirror.

3. Add floating shelves

Floating shelves utilize empty space on walls, giving you more real estate to put your belongings. They also work to elevate the room and make the ceilings appear taller than they actually are.

Unlike toilets or faucets, floating shelves can upgrade any room, and aren’t confined to only the bathroom or only the kitchen. Whether you’re adding shelves in your garage, filling in space above your kitchen sink, or need someplace to prop books, candles, and other decor in your living room, floating shelves work for any room or purpose. 

Most floating shelves come with wall anchors or wall studs, making them easy to hang. If you don’t want to buy a pre-made floating shelf, you can save even more money by buying a piece of wood, painting it, and then mounting it yourself.

4. Add a new faucet 

Outdated or shoddy faucets, doorknobs, toilets, sinks, and mirrors easily stand out to guests. Replacing the faucet in your bathroom or kitchen is a great way to modernize, freshen, and improve the overall look of your home. 

Nowadays, most faucets are designed to be easily installed into the top of sink, that way you won’t have to crawl around awkwardly underneath it. Your current faucet likely has holes that match that of other faucets, so you’ll want to find one that fits into the grooves of your existing sink. You’ll also need to measure the length of your sink to match your new faucet’s tubes to your sink’s setup. If you’re replacing both your sink and faucet, make sure to replace the faucet before you install the sink.

5. Switch up your toilet seat 

Looking to spruce up your bathroom? Swapping an old toilet seat for a new one is an easy DIY upgrade. Replacing toilets can cost anywhere from $250 to $500, but replacing toilet seats should only run you $100 to $200 bucks, depending on the type you choose.

Most toilet seat sizes work for all toilets, but it’s important to match your new toilet seat’s shape to your existing toilet. From there, you’ll want to consider material, padding, and mounting logistics. For instance do you want a wooden toilet seat or a plastic one? Is it important to you to have a softer toilet seat for comfort? 

Once you know which type of toilet seat you want, all installation requires is removing old bolts and screwing in new ones, and voila: a new throne! 

6. Replace outlet covers

Are the outlet covers in your home chipped, dirty, or simply not the egg-shell white you wish they were? Whether you want to upgrade your outlet covers out of necessity or because you want it to blend in with the rest of your home better, there’s good news: it’s cheap and simple to do yourself. 

You’ll need to pull out your toolbox and buy a new outlet cover before ripping the old one out. Once you have all your materials, it’s a matter of lining holes up and tightening screws in the right places—just be sure to turn the power off before you start messing with wires!

7. Paint your front door 

Paint is prone to chipping, and since your front door is likely used every day, it probably needs some TLC. Whether you’re touching up a previous paint job or going for a brand new look, painting your door is one of the quickest ways to boost the look of your home overnight. 

Make sure to do it on a day when you can be home to monitor it while it dries. Between prep working, priming, and double or triple coats, painting your door—as easy as it is—is an all day Saturday kind of job. Pro-tip: Make sure to plan your paint day around sunny skies! Painting the exterior of your home on a rainy day is a recipe for disaster.

It’s easier than you think

If you want to improve your home’s curb appeal or make your bathroom and bedroom cozier, there are ways to upgrade your home without calling a handyman. Going the DIY route can save you money and time, and it’ll allow you to take control. 

Plus, home improvement isn’t just about going to Home Depot and throwing a few nails in the wall. Installing DIY smart home products makes your home more efficient, and saves you money in the long run too.

If you’re stumped on your task at hand, remember: you’re not alone! Run a quick Google search, watch a tutorial on YouTube, call a friend, or read some of our articles — you’ll be surprised at the number of DIY hacks that make doing it yourself even easier.

About Author: Brandon Jarman is a freelance writer, paranoid homeowner, and self-proclaimed technology enthusiast. When he’s not writing, he enjoys watching sports and spending time with his family. You can keep up with his work by following him on Twitter @BrandonJarman4 or https://brandonjarman.contently.com/

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