8 Ways to Renovate Your Garage

And bonus…these options are perfect for the DIYers out there…

1. New garage door

A new garage door instantly improves the look of your garage – both the inside and outside.

Look for steel garage doors, especially if you live in a “moisture rich” area that fluctuates wildly.

Your new door won’t warp, expand or rot…and it won’t easily dent when hit with a stray rock thrown from a mower or get damaged by heavy winds and/or hail.

Also, look for insulated garage doors to improve the energy efficiency of your garage.

2. Overhead storage

Think vertical.

Ceiling storage will maximize your storage space. This means you’ll essentially double the space of your garage with a minimum of effort.

If your garage has exposed beams this will be a very easy task. Simply set a board (at least ¾ of an inch thick) across the beams and you’ve instantly got an out of the way place for boxes of your things.

3. Epoxy Floor

While a concrete slab suits the purpose of a garage, why not spruce it up with an epoxy floor?

In addition to being easy to maintain and keep clean, an epoxy will seal and protect your floor from stains and minor scuffs.

4. Add Windows

Few things brighten up a space like natural light.

Windows are a great addition to any garage, whether or not you use it as a workshop or living space. 

It can also help save on your light bill since you won’t need to turn on the lights every time you’re in the garage.

Look for energy efficient windows that are at least double-paned, and if possible, go with vinyl windows for ease of care and longevity.

5. Add a loft

As noted earlier, ceiling storage is a great way to make use of the empty space above the cars in your garage.

In addition to (or instead of) just storage, if you have the room you can add a loft that could mean an extra bedroom or office.

6. Add door guards

If it’s a bit tight to pack all of your vehicles in your garage, why not add car door guards to the walls of your garage?

This will protect both your vehicles and the walls of your garage.

7. Install a “next generation” garage door opener

Gone are the days of a simple “open and close” garage door opener. 

Now you can go with a smart garage door openers that come with a number of options.

Some of those options include:

The ability to see who opens your garage (and when they open it) from anywhere you’re at

The ability to check to make sure you’ve closed the garage door.

The ability to open your garage for someone remotely, simply by pressing a button on your smartphone.

8. Add a bar

Finally, if you love going out to a bar with friends, why not put one in your garage?

You can spend as much or as little as you’d like. Add a mini-fridge, stock it with the drinks you love, set out some chairs and you’re good to go.

Take it up a notch and bring water and electric to your garage so you can install a wet bar, hang a TV and speakers on your wall to create a real “sports bar” experience.