How To Add Value To Your Home With These Renovations

1.   Off-street Parking

An off-street space for parking a car can be a huge asset, with several house surveys suggesting that homes with their own parking spaces attract up to 13 percent more on sale compared to other similar properties without.  Even property developers are looking to capitalize on this trend when developing new houses because including a parking space allows them to charge an additional 5 percent on the sale. The unavailability of parking facilities can be a huge turn-off for potential buyers. So add an off-street parking space to your property if it isn’t there. It’ll take around three months to get an approval for the planning application, especially if there’ll be no complaints filed by neighbors. Your contractor will start by laying a hardcore foundation before finishing it with gravel, tarmac, or brickwork depending on your choice.

2.   Build an Addition

Apart from adding huge value to your house, creating an addition can also increase square footage. Make the most out of your investment by choosing the right materials and details to boost the value and quality of your property. A great addition which people use is having a cinema room. To establish the perfect cinema room, first, you need to invest in some soundproofing materials, surrounding system, TV, and a couch. These will create the perfect setup for your new addition. Any form of physical expansion, from living room extension to a new bedroom, can have a tremendous impact on your home’s value.

3.   Update Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important space in the house for most of us. It’s also the space that will either keep or drive away would-be buyers. It’s also the easiest space to update compared to other rooms in your house, especially if the kitchen units are in good condition. You can give it a new look by repainting the walls, replacing the worktops, fixing new handles to drawers, and adding a few ready-to-assemble cabinets. Other trending kitchen features you may want to consider include drawer-style microwaves, hidden outlets, and wine refrigerators.

4.   Renovate Your Bathroom

A renovated bathroom can elevate your home’s worth significantly. When updating this space, add lustrous surfaces to create a sparkling room that’s super easy to clean. A recent remodeling impact report states that homeowners can recoup 57 percent of what they spent to renovate a bathroom if they sell their property.

 5. Beautify the Basement

Basements are perhaps some of the most ignored spaces in our homes. Most of them are plain, vacant, unutilized rooms that are hardly visited. Beautifying this extra space can make your home attractive to many potential buyers. You can transform this dusty room into an attractive entertainment space. If your house is located in an active floodplain, fix an automatic sump pump, and install mold-proof ceramic tiles.

6.   Transform an Attic into an Extra Bedroom

Attics are another perfect example of an overlooked space in many homes. If your attic has a huge amount of space, you can renovate it into an extra bedroom. Such kind of renovation allows you to add a new room to your property, making it appealing to families with kids. It also improves energy efficiency in the house due to the insulation of the new bedroom.

7.   Upgrade Your Light Fixtures

One of the easiest and budget-friendly updates that increase your home’s value is lighting. Make your home welcoming and user-friendly by having inviting light fixtures installed by a professional. Look for designs that complement your house décor when selecting the best light fixtures for your property. Having the right light fixtures both inside and outside can give your home the big wow factor, which lacks many properties.

By choosing the best renovation project to boost your living space, a large percentage of the cost can be transferred to the home buyer in the form of improved home value. The above 7 options will help you add value to your living space and attract many potential buyers. Small updates like ready-to-assemble cabinets and drawer-style microwaves can add not only the character but also comfort to your house.