Real Estate Terms Infographic … Nothing to be Spooked About

Buying real estate can oftentimes seem intimidating. Especially, when you are not actually in the industry. What forms do we need, what is recommended to do before, during and after buying a home? Can I carry a proper negotiation if I do not understand the real estate terms and the processes.

Here are some great definitions of real estate terms from the group at HouseHunt and that can make you feel more comfortable when purchasing a house. By understanding these terms, you will also feel confident when negotiating when buying or selling a home.

This Halloween season there is nothing to be afraid of when thinking about buying a home. Read More

8 Things Not to Do When Home Buying

Home buying can be tricky as you need to save money, pre-qualify for a mortgage, establish and manage a budget, and find the house that meets your criteria.  But while all this is happening, there are some actions that you may not want to take like applying for a credit card. Nor do you want to be buying a new car or making an investment into a large purchase. And definitely do not change jobs right before buying a home.  All of these activities could have an impact on your final mortgage approval. And thus, your home purchase.

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This infographic shares some details about what actions not to take as you are considering buying a home. Jensen and Company is a real estate firm in Salt Lake City, UT but these principles apply across the US.  Read More

5 Unexpected Skills you Need in your Real Estate Agent

Real Estate AgentGuest Blogger: Marni Epstein-Mervis

HomeZada is a huge asset when it comes to selling your home, but failing to pair it with a top agent could mean months on the market, costing you thousands. There are a lot of licensed real estate agents, but actually very few who do it well enough for a full-time living. And even fewer who consistently outperform the local market. You’d probably never invest your money with a part-time financial planner, or have a procedure done by a part-time doctor; that’s why using a friend who’s a part-time real estate agent, though simple, might not actually be the best choice. Read More

Guide to Buying a New Home for Single Women

New Home for Single WomenA woman’s life may be quite different, depending on where you live and what your path in life has been so far, but in the end we all share one desire: to have a home of our own at some point where we can kick back and enjoy life. Life develops in a certain way for the most part for most and it follows a pattern of finishing school, getting a nice job and eventually getting married at some point and having kids.

Well, things don’t always have to be this way and for a number of reasons a single woman can do just as well as any married woman. The more traditional roles of society today are changing rapidly, so one would still prosper even when single. The following Read More

Home Buying in Winter … To Buy or Wait

Home buying in winterThink home buying in winter is crazy. Not really. It is not as common to buy a home in winter due to all the other activities and festivities, but there are some great reasons why home buying in winter just might pay off. Take a look at why some people might buy a home in winter and the benefits it has on them. Read More