7 Easy Tips for Holiday Decoration Storage that Won’t Empty Your Wallet

7 Easy Tips for Holiday Decoration Storage that Won't Empty Your Wallet
Image courtesy: Caleb Fisher on Unsplash

Decorating for the holidays can be a lot of fun. But putting everything away once the holiday has passed? 

Not so much.

One way to make the chore of taking down holiday decor less of a pain is to have functional and easy-to-use storage options that will keep those decorative items clean and looking like new year after year.

Check out these cheap, 7 holiday decoration storage ideas and have a plan in place now so that next year, decorating and “un-decorating” will be a breeze.

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10 DIY Craft Table Ideas for Every Budget

10 DIY Craft Table Ideas for Every Budget
Image courtesy: Sigmund on Unsplash

What crafter hasn’t purchased something – or perhaps a lot of “somethings” – that they already had, just because their craft area was spread across several different closets and/or under the bed in those ugly plastic storage totes?

Or is that just me?

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Decorating Your Table on a Budget

Decorating Your Table on a Budget
Photo Credit: Julie Blanner

Depending on where you live, you’re probably seeing the signs of fall all around you.

And with fall comes time spent with family – and friends – as the year draws to a close and the dark and cooler winter months (for most of us) lie ahead.

This is also the start of the “holiday” season; a fact that’s evidenced by the bountiful decor that began to line store shelves before the weather even started showing signs of change!

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The Biggest Culprits of Home Energy Leaks in the Winter

While you may not notice little leaks in the summertime — or perhaps they simply don’t bother you as much — the discomfort that comes with cold rooms is enough to cause you to make sure everything is sealed tight by the change of seasons. Not only do energy leaks in your home cause a chill, but they also make your energy bills skyrocket, which is something everyone wants to avoid.

In order to keep the bills low and your home toasty warm this winter, you have to avoid those leaks as much as possible.

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7 Ikea Furniture Hacks You’re Going to Love

Photo Courtesy: Popsugar

You dream of a beautiful home with luxurious furniture. The only problem is, your budget doesn’t fit that dream.

But did you know that with just a few adjustments, you can turn ordinary furniture – such as that found at IKEA – and make it extraordinary?

If you have ever shopped at IKEA you were probably struck by their beautiful, and even better, affordable home decor items.

And while their furniture is perfectly fine to use as it comes out of the box, you can get the look you want by making just a few modifications to make each piece uniquely yours.

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