Create Your Own Push Notifications for Managing Your Home

Create Your Own Push Notifications About Managing Your Home

Consumers have a love hate relationship with push notifications they receive from the apps they install on their mobile phones. Some people really appreciate them if they are informative, timely, and useful. Others hate them because they are not relevant. But with most apps, you the user don’t control what push notifications get sent to you.

Set up Push Notifications Yourself

HomeZada is different because most of the push notifications can be set up by the HomeZada customer about which notifications get pushed. This is done by setting up recurring or one-time tasks in the calendar app under the maintenance section. Make sure you keep the setting to send email alerts about “Tomorrows Tasks” in the “on” position. You need to download HomeZada’s app from the Apple or Google Play store and sign-in to your account and accept the prompts to send push notifications.

Maintenance Schedule

HomeZada does create a maintenance schedule for you for typical maintenance tasks like changing air filters, cleaning gutters, and more. You can also add your own personalized recurring tasks that will send you a push notification the day before it is due. An example of personalized recurring task is remembering which day of the week to take the trash cans down to the curb. Another example might be which week is recycling and which week is when green waste gets picked up. HomeZada users can easily add these as recurring tasks in your calendar and then you would get a push notification the day before reminding you of this tasks.

Create Your Own Push Notifications About Managing Your Home

Another great example is you may have scheduled a date for a service contractor to come fix or clean something at your house. If you create a single ad hoc task and assign the due date, you will get a push notification to remind you the day before which is helpful especially if you need to be home to let the contractor in.

Some HomeZada customers have discovered this flexibility by including other home related tasks that are financially oriented. You can create a recurring task to remind you to pay your mortgage and other bills. You could setup reminders to shop for cheaper insurance policies or when your tax filings are due. Other people will setup family related tasks on their HomeZada calendar such as when their kids are at sporting events or when pets need to be groomed.

Push Notifications About Managing Your Home

Stay on top of all things home

The combination of HomeZada’s calendar and task setup along with push notifications sent to your phone is a great way to stay organized in managing all the different aspects of your home. You can also use HomeZada and its push notifications to organize other important aspects of your life. 

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