Free Online Home Inventory for Homeowner Insurance

home inventory homeowner insurance

HomeZada announces a FREE subscription for homeowners to create a home inventory securely online. Insurance companies recommend that homeowners document their possessions and keep these records current and safely stored away from the home in case of disaster. HomeZada provides a FREE integrated online and a mobile solution for a home inventory and to be used with homeowner insurance.

“HomeZada is quick and simple in creating a home inventory for homeowner insurance through a predictive process that eliminates data entry and focusing on a photo based approach with either a digital camera or iPhone or Android apps.  A few key tags to the photos that are securely stored in the cloud and people have a well-documented home inventory in no time at all,” said Elizabeth Dodson, co-founder.

Natural Disaster Impact

With the recent rise in natural disasters and extreme weather causing billions in property damage, various government agencies are educating the public on the need to have family emergency preparedness plans in place. These family plans, documents, and contacts are securely saved in HomeZada’s cloud solution where they are accessible by multiple family members anywhere via computer or mobile phone to provide to your insurance agent for homeowner insurance coverage.

Could You Recall What You Own?

Most homeowners don’t know the value of their possessions; therefore they may be significantly under-insured. HomeZada provides multiple dashboards to quickly see the value of possessions by key categories or by room. People can instantly print a home inventory PDF and have a deeper discussion with their insurance company about the right amount of coverage for their contents.

In addition, the Essentials package includes the ability to save important property documents online such as insurance policies, mortgage documents, property taxes, appraisals, remodeling plans and permits.  There is also a contacts directory to keep track of emergency contacts and other regular home services providers where everyone in the family can access the central online directory.


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