The Top 3 Values of Simple Home Air Filters

 Air FiltersAir filters are these simple and low cost items that provide a big bang in value to a home. Air filters need changing between three and four times a year. If you live in a very dusty area or have a lot of pets, you may want to consider changing your air filters more frequently. But what’s the big deal about these air filters anyway? Why do they make a big impact on a home? And what would happen if someone forgets to change the air filters? Here are some tips that can help every one understand the value of air filters. And what they do for your home and your home’s equipment. Read More

Winter Home Improvements to Cut Energy Costs

Feets of a family wearing woolen socks warming near the fireplaceGuest Blogger:  Maria Ramos

With the winter months well underway, many people are seeing their utility bills skyrocket as a result of heating their homes to counteract the chilly weather. With some preparation and the right home improvements, it doesn’t have to be this way. Much of the energy consumed by households is essentially wasted, so it’s important to improve efficiency as a means of sparing your wallet as well as the natural environment. Fortunately, many of the projects that can help in reaching this goal can be accomplished in a short amount of time and Read More

8 Holiday Storage Tips

christmas-storage-tipsHoliday decorations are often fragile and treasured memories. Storing holiday decorations can be challenging with their odd shapes and sensitivity. Storing holiday decorations also need to be tucked away until they are required at the end of year. So carefully placing these items in a location within you home that will not be touched for 11 months and still being able to access them when the time was right. Getting your decorations properly stored to prevent breakage and yet accessibility when its time to kick off the holidays can be a tricky sitution. These helpful holiday storage tips can help you get your decorations stored and yet ready for the next time they are needed.  Read More

Infographic: Top Five Metro Areas for Baby Boomers

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has conducted some studies that showed us what top cities many baby boomers are moving. These cities are not necessarily where baby boomers are retiring. They are considering these cities to continue working with a lower cost of living and some good weather. Many individuals are not ready to retire. But realize that a lower cost of living can support their final plans for retirement. With a pre retirement city move, boomers can add more to their retirement packages.  Boomers also want warm weather locations, which are good for the body as we continue to age.  Here are the top five cities that NAR has discovered has many baby boomers moving to prior to their retirement.

What cities did you guess? Read More

The Best of Zen of Zada in 2015

Best of Zen of ZadaHappy New Year!

2015 was a fantastic year with homeowners eager to learn how to take care of their homes and learn how to get them ready for sale. In 2015, there were some popular posts that were the most important to our Zen of Zada followers and HomeZada users. We recap 2015 with the best of Zen of Zada.

Hidden Areas

It seems that many homeowners were focused on those hard to reach and yet the dirtiest places in your home. It is amazing how we forget about those simple places to clean. Zada fans also wanted reminders on specific areas Read More