2016 Zen of Zada Favorites … According to You!

Zen of Zada FavoritesWith 2016 behind us, we look back to look forward. So what did you tell us you liked about what the Zen of Zada offered you?  According to you, these were your  Zen of Zada favorites. What you all told us was that you were looking for great ways to save money on your home.

Energy Efficiency

You were looking for energy efficiency and how to reduce costs of your bills. Posts like:

How the Energy Efficient Home can actually Save and possibly Make you Money
Is Your Cost of Living Higher than it Should Be?
Improve the Efficiency of the Home by Maintaining the HVAC System
12 Tips for Cutting Costs at Home

Design Tips

Many of you were ready for some new design tips and suggestions. Making change to your homes was important in 2016. You lked the simplicity of paints but also wanted to understand more about larger remodeling projects. The Pantone color of the year ended up being two colors that had a feminine and a masculine quality. Sleep was also an important topic this year and knowing what colors in a room can add to better sleep leads to greater health and productivity.

Decorating with the 2016 Pantone Color of the Year
The Color of Your Bedroom will Affect your Sleep
Adding Backsplash to a Kitchen
Lighting Tips for a Brighter Home
Home Remodel Project: Garage Upgrades
How to Finance a Home Remodel

Unique Design Elements

Some were definitely interested in the unique design elements that we shared like:

Scandinavian Inspired Interiors: Where Elegance Meets Minimalism
Decorating Tips that Bring Superheros to your Home
The Music of Your Home Décor

Home Management

And a lot of your Zen of Zada favorites were focused on managing the details of your home which included understanding how to take care of your home with home maintenance tips, better cleaning and organization and home management.

5 Appliances to Take from Dull to Sparkling
Let’s get organized!
7 Common Home Repairs You Can Do By Yourself
Top Five Home Maintenance Tips for Winter

It is definitely apparent that loving and caring for your homes is very important to you and we will look forward to providing you more tips on better home management from design to maintenance, from cleaning to costs savings, to buying and selling homes and to moving in.

We wish an very happy new year!